MJ Arabians proudly uses the champion stallions of Arabians Ltd. to produce our exceptional foals.

We place the foals in the hands of C&C Colt Company for handling and ground training using natural horsemanship methods. Additional training may be provided by Christi Rains. We trust these folks to prepare our horses for a lifetime of performance and companionship, while retaining the joyful attraction to humans that is characteristic of the Egyptian Arabian horse.

See the videos below for examples of how our trainers work with our horses.

Select MJ Arabians horses are shown at The Egyptian Event. The Event is sponsored each year by The Pyramid Society, which is dedicated to the perpetuation of the unique Straight Egyptian Arabian horses.

By 4 months of age our foals are trained to:

  • Take oral medications
  • Catch, halter and lead on a loose line
  • Stand quietly for bathing and grooming
  • Pick up all 4 feet
  • Respond to pressure appropriately
  • Trailer load
  • Be desensitized to scary objects

The videos below show some of the early lessons that create a foundation for a lifelong partnership.

Basic Handling Skills (starring Isharat MJA)

Ground Skills (starring Gamilah MJA)

Trailer Loading (starring Gamliah MJA)