Straight Egyptian Arabians

To own an Egyptian Arabian horse is to experience a living legacy of thousands of years of civilization. Such a horse fills the eye with timeless beauty: a noble face with dark, soulful eyes, a gracefully arched neck with a mane as fine as silk, limbs delicate yet incredibly strong and a tail carried high like a fountain.

The blood of these horses has been used to create many breeds. They are the purest of the Arabians and serve as foundation bloodlines to preserve the true characteristics of the breed. In addition, the versatility and intelligence of the Straight Egyptian Arabian makes these horses suitable for many pursuits including dressage, endurance riding, trail riding, cutting, and racing.

The Pyramid Society logo (large)These horses are also valued as family companions. The Bedouins believed that their horses were rational beings with great intelligence, sensitivity, and loyalty. Time spent with a Straight Egyptian Arabian will serve to illustrate the truth of this sentiment.

All of the horses at MJ Arabians are Straight Egyptian Arabian horses as defined by The Pyramid Society, and we are proud members and supporters of that organization.